1. Do guys worry about running low on cash?

Nick Drossos: Nope, probably no…just carry a cash card and stick it all on there….too easy

2. What was the last gift you gave a girl? (Mum doesn’t count!)

Nick De: Ummm…tickets to a live show to see Bruno Mars….it was fun

3. How much thought did you put into it?

Nick Drossos Well I got the tickets coz we both really like the artist and I thought it would be fun to go together. It was.

4. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Why?

Nick Drossos: When I was young I got a Thomas the Tank Engine set and I was totally obsessed with it for ages. Not so much now, but sometimes when I’ve got nothing to do?…haha

5. What do you spend most of your money on?

Nick Drossos: Going to the movies with friends and having food after. Socializing with friends is expensive but necessary

6. How do guys talk to each other about their futures/careers?

Nick Drossos: Well I want to be a pop singer so most of my guy friends don’t really talk about that. All we really talk about is passing exams.

7. Who should pay on dates?

Nick Drossos: The guy, but usually early on its not really called a date , its more casual , so we each pay for ourselves.

8. How would you feel about a girl paying for a date?

Nick Drossos: Well that’s OK but I would feel a bit obliged to get her something to pay her back or have another date where I pay.

9. How much did you spend on yourself for the formal?

Nick Drossos: Lots, I got a suit already but that cost a lot. Originally I bought it for the Melbourne Cup so I keep recycling it for every formal event. Then gotta get shirt, tie yadda yadda.

10. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on clothes?

Nick Drossos: Heaps, because I’m a performer I need lots of stuff for performing. Is it wrong to say my Mum buys my clothes?….anyway her credit card buys them.

11. If you could pick anywhere to work part-time, where would you work?
Nick Drossos: As an intern at a radio station so I could get them to play my songs, haha


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