1. When you like a girl, how do you show it?

Nick Drossos: Man its hard, coz rejection is such a bummer. I guess I would text her a lot and see if she answers. Maybe ask her to the movies, but again the thought of rejection will stop me from being too forward

  1. Would you ever day a girl that’s smarter than you?

Nick Drossos: Ummmm, duhh, yep, ummm, maybe, prolly, yeah, prolly….hahaha

Yes definitely because if I like a girl then I wouldn’t stop liking her just because she is smarter than me…..

3. Is age an issue? What’s the youngest and older you’d date?

Nick Drossos: No it’s a big issue for me. I really would only date someone my own age or maybe 1 year up or down…no more, it would be freaky

  1. If you and a mate liked the same girl, how would you deal with it?

Nick Drossos: I’m sorry, he’d have to be eliminated from the competition…..show no mercy….haha

  1. Love at first sight – has it ever happened to you?

Nick Drossos: Yeah, I see a lot of girls that remind me of someone I have fallen for and so yeah I am falling in love at first sight all the time….but usually nothing comes of it

  1. What’s the worst way a girl could turn you down?

Nick Drossos: In front of my friends…. Ouch, a dagger straight to my pride

  1. Is it possible for a girl to get out of your friend-zone?

Nick Drossos: Yes of course, girlfriends usually come from someone you know through friends and you are friends first before it becomes serious…so yeah

8. How long do you wait before you say the “I love you”?

Nick Drossos: Not long, I’m a bit of a romantic and I fall quickly, so it doesn’t take me long to love

  1. What’s are signs of a serious relationship?

Nick Drossos: Thinking about them all the time, texting all the time, wanting to be with them all the time

10. What does it mean when you sign off with X in a txt?

Nick Drossos: Well on my facebook page the girls want me to call them bae and baby and stuff, so I gotta be carefull not to lead them on, coz basically I don’t know them….we’re just talking. So I don’t use X in case they get the wrong idea

11. How can I tell if he’s flirting or just friendly?

Nick Drossos: I don’t know any guys who flirt……don’t think we kinda know how to flirt, that’s a girl thing



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